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While Ikea may stock living room sets, kitchen sets, and dining room sets, they do not regularly restock individual items. This can leave you wondering when does Ikea restock?

Ikea is colourful and fun with a certain Scandinavian style that gives it lots of character. Not only are their products stylish and functional, but they put a spin on the conventional furniture market.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all sneak a peek at the Ikea inventory system and know which kitchen or home accessories are going to be restocked soon so that we could get a jumpstart on buying them? Certainly!

When does Ikea restock in-Stores?

IKEA restocks its stores weekly, so you can expect new items on a regular basis. The exception is large furniture items, which may only be restocked once or twice per week.

IKEA doesn’t receive new shipments every day; it’s more like once or twice per week. The company says that if it doesn’t physically have an item in stock, it won’t put it online for sale until it arrives at its distribution center.

So if you’re looking for something specific and don’t see it listed online yet, just wait a few days — it’s probably on its way!

When does Ikea restock Online?

When IKEA restocks online, they don’t announce it beforehand. They usually only announce restocks when they are already underway.

IKEA has hundreds of products available for purchase on its website. They have a limited number of items in stock at any given time, so when an item sells out there isn’t always another shipment coming soon after.

The amount of time it takes for an item to restock depends on several factors:

  • The popularity of the item
  • How close the store is to the warehouse where it is being shipped from.
  • If it’s a larger piece of furniture
  • If there are more people looking for that particular item than IKEA has available in stock at any given moment.

The schedule changes depending on the season and holidays, so it’s best to follow their “Product availability feature” closely.

When does Ikea restock Furniture?

The company restocks its stores every 5 – 7 days with large furniture items.

But because these are bulky items, they take longer to restock than smaller items like chairs and tables. So if you wait for a sofa to come back into stock, it can take weeks before it arrives.

When does IKEA restock sofas?

KEA restocks its sofas every 5 – 7 days. They are large furniture items, and so take weeks to restock.

IKEA also has a very good supply chain, which means they can get products to their stores quickly. But if there is a holdup in the supply chain, then IKEA may not be able to meet this schedule.

When does IKEA restock Malm and beds?

Malm beds are restocked after 3 to 5 days while other beds are restocked for 5 to 7 days.

Restocks can take weeks to months. Beds take longer than others to restock, depending on how popular they are with customers and how many orders IKEA gets for that item.

When does IKEA restock Outdoor furniture?

IKEA stores are located in different parts of the country, and each one has its own climate. Stores in colder climates will typically restock their outdoor furniture later than stores in warmer climates.

In addition, stores that get more snow will also restock later than stores that don’t get as much snowfall.

So if you’re shopping at an IKEA store in San Diego or Phoenix and want to buy some outdoor gear, don’t wait too long — they may be sold out by April!

Restocking also varies based on the size of the product. For example, larger furniture such as dining sets and chaise lounges are restocked every three or five days, while smaller items like side tables are restocked every two days.

You can also check the furniture restock information on Homegoods or Walmart or Target.

How often does Ikea restock Plants?

IKEA typically restocks its plants once a week — but this isn’t always the case. For example, during the holiday season or if it’s raining out, there may be less stock available because people will buy more plants than usual.

That means that certain plants may take longer than usual to restock or even run out completely.

IKEA has a great variety of plants to choose from, but if you’ve been trying to get your hands on the popular succulents or cactuses, you might have noticed that they’re often sold out.

IKEA stocks its plants once a week on Sunday. This means that the inventory arrives on Sunday and is restocked shelves for Monday morning.

If you are lucky enough to find what you’re looking for in stock, restocking shelves may be an option as well.

Once the weekend hits become out of stock, they don’t get restocked until the next week. So if you see something you want, grab it while it’s there!

If you didn’t get your favourite plants at Ikea, you can check them at Lowes or Home Depot.

How to check Ikea stock Availability?

The best way to see what products will be restocked is to visit the IKEA website. As soon as IKEA has new stock in its warehouses, you will see it in the PRODUCT AVAILABILITY feature on its website.

IKEA also has an App that you can download on your phone. This allows you to get notifications about when new items are in stock.

The app also shows you which stores have new items and lets you reserve online and pick them up in-store!

Why is Ikea out of stock every time?

IKEA is always out of stock. And it’s not just a problem with IKEA — it’s a problem with all of retail today. The demand for products is so high that companies often can’t keep up.

Here are some of the reasons why IKEA constantly runs out of stock:

➔ Popularity of certain products

One reason why IKEA is always out of stock is that it can’t keep up with demand. Their popularity has increased over the years and they are struggling to meet the demand for their products.

➔ Inaccurate Inventory

Another reason why IKEA is always out of stock is that they have so many different items to choose from, which makes it difficult to keep an accurate inventory level. There could be more people working from home than there used to be which means more people buying furniture for their homes instead of going out shopping as they used to!

➔ Supply hold-ups

Supply chains are complex and can be disrupted by any number of things — from strikes to bad weather — which means that sometimes products just aren’t available when consumers want them.

Ikea cannot always deliver goods as quickly as customers would like. There are several reasons why this happens:

➔ Weather

Bad weather can delay delivery trucks from reaching their destinations

➔ Equipment failure

This includes anything from forklifts breaking down to computers crashing

➔ Lack of truck drivers

Trucking companies are running short on drivers because many people are choosing not to drive due to gas prices.

Where does IKEA get its raw materials?

IKEA is a global home furnishings retailer that sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories.

All of IKEA’s products are designed by the company’s own in-house designers and are produced in factories around the world.

IKEA currently sources its raw materials from countries around the world, including China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, where most of its furniture is made.

As well as from countries such as India and Brazil, which supply wood for construction materials like particleboard.

The IKEA Group has more than 300 stores in 30 countries and employs more than 132,00 people worldwide.

IKEA is committed to socially responsible business practices and has established sustainability targets for suppliers and customers alike.

The company has pledged to use only FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) wood, cotton, and wool by 2022, as well as to achieve zero waste at all of its stores by 2025.

Are IKEA restock dates accurate?

IKEA restock dates are estimates. The actual date of restocking can vary based on many factors:

➔ Shipments being delayed

Except for unexpected events, IKEA tries to ensure that its inventory is as accurate as possible. They use multiple sources of information to determine the restock dates, including internal and public data sources. However, there may be times when those estimates are not accurate due to unforeseen circumstances.

➔ Current supply availability

The current supply availability is the amount of a product that is currently available in distribution centres and stores.

What is the best day of the week to shop at Ikea and steal deals?

The best time to go to Ikea is Monday mornings at 8 am. The store is usually quiet, and there are no crowds. This is especially true if you live in a big city, where people tend to work later hours.

Weekends can be super crowded. The weekend after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) is the busiest time of the year for Ikea stores. But if you’re willing to go on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon, you’ll probably find it less hectic than on a Saturday morning.

Moreover, September through November is a good time period for finding deals at Ikea because of end-of-season clearance sales. But this doesn’t apply everywhere — Especially in California where temperatures don’t drop much below 60 degrees all year long!


IKEA is notorious for having short restocking periods, especially on its most popular items. And because of this, many people will miss out on the limited edition designs.

But there is a trick that you can use to alert yourself the next time an IKEA product comes in stock: sign up for their SMS or email alert.

You’ll be notified if a specific item comes back into stock, and you might just snag it before all the other IKEA fans can get one.

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